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How much does a nonprofit website cost?Triangle
Like any other website, a nonprofit website can cost $500 and more. Many factors influence the price - it depends on the scope, customization, and features. However, web development companies, including WebDriven, can provide discounts or special pricing and help with fundraising campaigns.
Which website builder is best for nonprofit?Triangle
It is recommended to build a custom-coded website for a not-for-profit organization. The best user experience is delivered with a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate, no-friction website. Also, non-profit organizations collect donations through monthly subscriptions, which can be challenging to set up with a website builder. Custom design is one of the keys to ranking on top of Google and Bing Search.
How do I create a website for my nonprofit organization?Triangle
Any website must be planned, designed, and deployed. Remember, a website is only a part of your marketing and business strategies, so the best way to approach website creation is to start shaping an integrated marketing communication plan and messaging. Once this is done, the objectives of a website are clear, and you can plan features, website structure, and website design.
Should I outsource website development?Triangle
The short answer is yes. In-house development can be costly and lengthy. Any organization can get a project delivered faster, with better quality, and save on the cost of a website when outsourcing web design and development. It is best to look for local companies with branches in your location and overseas.
What is the best country to outsource web design and web development?Triangle
Ukraine. Ukraine’s IT industry is booming, and you can hire Ukrainian developers at a lower cost than in Canada and US. WebDriven has branches in Ukraine and Canada, so we can offer affordable web design and SEO pricing while delivering the best UX websites. We guarantee that your organization will have a positive experience with WebDriven.

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