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Reasons Why Custom Web Development Is Essential For Your Business

Staff, Oct 01, 2022


Reasons Why Custom Web Development Is Essential For Your Business

We’ve had customers who reached out to our WebDriven team with a request to build a website. The first question we get is why I should create a custom website when hundreds of website builders are available out there.

Custom websites address specific problems of our customers. Builders are generic and provide complex, heavy-coded structures that are hard to scale, but you can build a website without a web developer.

We decided to write a blog and explain the benefits of a custom-built website and why it can be a game changer for your business.

Reasons companies built customized websites:

  • Gain a competitive advantage;
  • Reduce cost in the long run;
  • Solve specific problems and build systems;
  • Integrate multiple solutions and create a customer-focused service;
  • Freedom and unlimited capabilities to scale the website.

What is Custom Website Design and Development?

Designing a custom website is a process of creating applications or software that satisfies organizations’ needs and helps users perform specific tasks. Usually, these solutions are custom-coded with unique analytics important to the company.

Imagine your business orders a laptop and desktop computer. One supplied with a stock configuration that could not be upgraded, so your business needs to replace the whole device when there is a need for something with more processing power. When the desktop computer can be customizable: you can improve PC memory, install a more powerful processor, or add more internal storage.

The same issue is with website builders and customized websites. Builders such as Wix, Google Sites, or Webflow are restrictive to functions, and your organization must redevelop a website when scaling is required. Custom solutions allow you to create an experience for the user and create the business appeal you want.

Why My Organization Needs A Custom Website?

If you decided to create a website or web solution to grow revenue and create a unique brand perception - you need a customized solution.

If you decided to build more than a blog or one-page website - you need a customized website.

If you want fewer headaches from website support and maintenance - work with professional website developers and create tailored systems.

This list of ifs can be unlimited, so let’s discuss the 4 benefits of using customizable software.

  • Easy software integration

    Continuous improvement is a part of any organization, so you may need to connect different tools or old and new software in one system. It is extremely unlikely you can do it without errors with off-shelf solutions.

  • Independence from a website builder customer service

    Have you ever spent hours communicating about your problems with the customer service call centre? Probably you would want to avoid situations like this when you build or update your website.

    Custom software allows you to work with the same web dev team or hire other developers to improve your website non-stop.

  • Unlimited potential for SEO and analytics

    Marketers and SEO specialists need custom websites to have freedom for their magic and gather Google Analytics they need.

    Digital experts can suggest improvements that lead to better website conversions, more outstanding user experience, or higher search engine ranking. Did you ever notice that the top-ranking websites are always custom-coded?

  • Same look on all platforms and fantastic user experience

    Most templated websites look the same, so you don’t get a competitive advantage. It is not recommended to use a builder for creating a professional website.

    Moreover, most website builders make sites for computer users and usually have issues adapting to any screen size. Custom-coded websites are easy to tweak, so you can style them as you need and change what you want.

Why can a custom website be a bad idea?

There are always two sides to the same coin - the same is with custom-coded websites. Here is what you need to remember when thinking of building a tailored website:

  • Customized websites require time.

    Unique website design will need a thorough UX/UI design planning, meeting with the customer, reviews, scope corrections, and actual website development. Some companies wait five to six months to see their website on Google.

  • Website development requires a certain level of skill.

    Hiring a web developer to create the solution can be lengthy and stressful. You should think about outsourcing your project to digital experts and professional website developers.

  • Custom website development can be costly in the beginning.

    You might see ads “build your website at $99 per month” where you get a builder website. Customized websites can cost from $1,000 an more - depending on the scope. Don’t be afraid to invest in website development as you benefit from customized solutions in the long run.

Hiring the right web development team will save you from problems, waste time and investments, and help take your business in the direction you need.

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